The interview call letter you’ve been waiting for so long has finally arrived and you can’t contain your excitement. You’ve prepared the important question, learned about the company and even read about important body language tips and tricks and you’re finally all set for the interview. The entire interview goes very nicely and you are almost on the verge of selection when the recruiter asks you about advanced excel. You’re blank as you just have the knowledge of basic excel and nothing more than that.

Yes, advanced excel is one of the top requirements of almost all the recruiters in today’s tough world. Advanced excel skills have become so important that people have even started rejecting candidates who do not possess this skill. So here are some things that you should know about advanced excel.

  • Various advanced functions like logical (IF, AND, OR), data (VLookup, HLookup), and text (Concatenate, Mid) functions
  • You should know how to sort and arrange data in Excel. This may include data validation, drop-down selection, cell locking, custom filtering etc
  • Knowledge of array functions like transpose to switch rows with columns and vice versa
  • Have knowledge of Macros and VBA
  • Know about the statistical tools used in Excel
  • Knowing how to make graphs, charts and other things on Excel is quite basic now. However, having the skills to analyze any data and creating Excel dashboards is also important.

These were some of the important things that would help you excel in Advanced Excel. You can take online tutorials, Advanced Excel course and other things to become a pro at this course and increase your chances of getting hired.

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