Are you a graduate of English? Do you wish to explore careers apart from Teaching? If you are well-read and fluent in the English language, there are many career doors open for you.

A degree in the English language would have to build your critical thinking skills and the ability to read between the lines. As a student of literature, you will be taught to discover and analyse the sociological, historical, and cultural background of everything. But, most of the students are unaware of several career opportunities than you can achieve after your degree.

Here, we will discuss the 7 best career options after BA English. Read below to find out what suits you!

What are the Career Options after BA English?

We will read through the 7 best career options that you can pursue if you own good communication skills and language fluency.

1. Media and Journalism

The Media and Journalism field is one platform that many students follow after their graduation in English. A career in the media field is always challenging, where your job is communication in the society, from films, radio,  TV to newspapers and social media that disseminates information.

Your job role is one prominent role in society to engage the people in different events. If you have a flair for language and are a peoples’ person, you will have access to write, edit, review, schedule programs in the niche you wish to.

2. Public Relations

Do you have a strong written, oral, visual and presentation ability? If you can deal with crises and can manage public relations functions, a career in the Public Relations sector can be an exciting career option. Technology skills for PR and knowledge on how business work with PR are the core skills you must have.

Also, organisation skills and managing client schedules are other significant skills.  PR jobs can also be pursued in different categories from corporate to government platforms.

3. MBA

Today, many students choose an MBA course after their degree irrespective of the subject chosen. Anyone can pursue an MBA course after a graduate degree. Depending on your interest, you can pursue an MBA specialization in finance, marketing, HR, etc if you have the skill to communicate with various clients and have a knack to convince them.

MBA graduates are hired not just in the corporate sector, but in sectors of Healthcare, entertainment and Non-Profit as well. Moreover, you will be provided with more and better opportunities in Business and Marketing. If you wish to pursue an MBA course in Abu Dhabi, you’ll have plenty of choices with regard to the specializations you could choose.

4. Digital Marketing

The Social Media Marketing job role requires you to combine marketing and digital channels to interact with customers and promote engaging content. A Social Media Marketing professional collects customer data, analyses interactions, and improves future marketing strategies.

You can pursue this career if you can help a company grow through social media platforms and other digital channels by digital marketing campaigns, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising. Apart from strong communication skills, you must also develop skills like attention to detail, creative problem-solving skills and experience with major social media platforms.

5. Professional Writer

Do you love to write? If yes, several professional writing jobs are waiting for you.  From scriptwriting to travel writing, copywriting, technical writing, several platforms require writers today.

Go for scriptwriting if you are interested in the entertainment sector. Become an editor or work in a magazine if you wish to explore several niches, from science, medicine, politics to humour and lifestyle. Be a technical writer or website content writer if you wish to work for corporates. Writing never gets out of demand or scope and is always more to writing than books and magazines.

6. Translators

A Translator is a person who converts and conveys information from one language to another. You must have a fairly good knowledge of the desired language to be a translator. Be it Medical Translators, Judicial Translators, Literary Translators, Sign Language Translators, Conference Translators, Translators have a good scope to get employment opportunities in the government and private sector.

7. Lawyer

You can take up law and become a lawyer if you are a graduate in English. After your degree, you can become a professional lawyer with a three-year course. Good writing skills can help you compose effective contracts, memos, legal documentation, and courtroom arguments. Writing is very essential to law students as they have to draft arguments about legal cases and precedents frequently. Also, there are several other job roles in the legal sector, being an English graduate.

So, what do you think is the best career choice for you? Explore the diverse range of professional fields like teaching, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, and the fine arts. There are more career options than what we have discussed. Think out of the box and find out what suits you from the plethora of opportunities!

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