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Master of Computer Applications

Master of Computer Application or MCA is a 2-year postgraduate program. Learning an MCA course develops your aptitude to learn new technologies.

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MCA course offered by Times Education, UAE prepares you for modern technology careers. Computer application professionals are in demand across industries because of digital transformation. MCA graduates can work in web development, computer analyst, software engineer, system administrator and other career roles. Knowledge of coding, database management, operating systems and other computer subjects can boost your career opportunities. If you wish to continue your higher education but are unable to take up a full-time course in college, then MCA might be the right course for you.

MCA is a 2 year program offered by Times Education, UAE. The program is offered in flexible time schedules to enable professionals to learn at their own pace. The faculty and the staff at the institute support you in every step to help you complete the course comfortably.

Course & Certification

MCA program is a 2-year course which introduces you to various subjects including C++, Computer Architecture, Java, RDBMS, Computer Networks and Data Structures. Knowledge of these subjects can open up many career possibilities in the vibrant computer technology sector. You can learn through practical workshops and projects which boosts your confidence. The self-paced learning model gives you sufficient time to prepare and do well in the examination.

On successful completion of the course, you get MCA degree certificate which is recognized by companies in the UAE and abroad.

Who is it for?

MCA program is for aspirants who have a liking for modern computer technology. The students get to develop their fundamental knowledge in various concepts. They are also introduced to new technologies. There is growing demand for knowledgeable professionals in the modern IT industry and the program prepares students for such careers.

  • Aspirants who want to begin their career in new role
  • Professionals who wish to continue their higher education in technology field
  • Professionals who are looking for a break in their career by upgrading their knowledge of new technology

The applicant must have a degree in Science or Computer Science such as B.Sc or BCA from any recognized university.

Why choose Times Education for MCA Courses in the UAE?

  • 27 Years of Excellence in Education
  • Highly Qualified Faculty
  • Learner-Centric Teaching
  • Educating 1000s of Learners in the UAE
  • Campuses Based in 5 Major Cities

Enroll in MCA Course in UAE

With digitalization and increased use of the internet, there is growing demand for professionals who have knowledge of coding, networking, web development etc. MCA program prepares you for technology careers by equipping you with the right skills and practical knowledge of modern concepts. Enroll in the MCA program in distance learning mode and learn at your own pace from the convenience of your home or office.

The student must have completed the degree program or equivalent from any recognized university.
Candidates can take up the career role of IT analyst, programmer, web developer, system administrator or other roles with the MCA degree.
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    Master of Computer Applications
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