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NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) is a recognized board of education under the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. It is one of the largest open schooling systems in the world offering opportunities to those who could not complete their formal school education. NIOS has helped fulfil the dreams of many aspirants from around the world by enabling them to pursue their Class 10th and Class 12th education and to get the School Leaving Certificate.

NIOS is a great choice for students of different age groups, of different goals and passions. Also, candidates who can’t access regular education due to work or other interests can pursue NIOS.


Discover the wide array of NIOS courses available in prominent locations across the UAE. Whether you’re in bustling Dubai, vibrant Abu Dhabi, cultural Sharjah, charming Ajman, or scenic Al-Ain, we have conveniently located NIOS centers to serve your educational needs. Find Your Nearest NIOS Center

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    Students basically learn in four ways when enrolled in the NIOS program. Learners can study through printed study material or through audio and video content published by NIOS. Personal Contact Programs which are conducted in the Study Centres and Tutor Conducted Assignments are two other means through which students are supported with the learning process.

    NIOS offers students the opportunity to choose their medium of learning. The programs are offered in 13 Indian languages. As a result, students can easily learn and successfully clear the examination.

    Times Education has adopted the latest methodology in class and teaching to cater to a variety of students with different needs.
    It all started with a vision to provide unique, innovative, and inclusive learning for students of all ages and backgrounds.


    Studying with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) offers a host of advantages for learners of all backgrounds. One key benefit is the flexibility it provides. Unlike traditional schooling, NIOS allows students to learn at their own pace, making it ideal for those with busy schedules, unique learning styles, or other commitments. Additionally, NIOS offers a diverse range of courses, catering to various interests and academic goals. Whether you’re aiming to complete your high school education, acquire new skills, or prepare for competitive exams, NIOS has options tailored to your needs. Furthermore, NIOS is renowned for its inclusive approach to education, welcoming students from all walks of life, including those with special needs or who have previously dropped out of school. With multiple exam sessions throughout the year and accessible study materials, NIOS empowers students to take control of their education and achieve success on their terms.


    Inclusive Education


    Complete Your Schooling


    Job-oriented Courses


    Flexible Examination System


    Self-paced Learning


    Learn from Anywhere


    The main aim of NIOS is to universalize school education. The curriculum is designed in such a way that emphasis is given to both theoretical education and skill development. Students have the option to choose subjects and languages. They can learn at their own pace and give the examination within the set timeline.

    Students can complete their pre-degree school education through NIOS. The choice of the Study Centre can make a difference in the kind of support students receive during the course.


    • NIOS in UAE is a choice for anyone who wishes to continue their education.
    • Candidate age should be complete 14 years for taking NIOS admission in the 10th Secondary Course.
    • Candidate age should be complete 16 years for taking NIOS admission in the 12th Senior Secondary Course.
    • Candidates can also apply for NIOS programs such as primary, secondary, senior secondary, vocational, and life skill education
    • NIOS provides an opportunity for those who have dropped out of traditional schooling to complete their education and obtain certification.
    • Working professionals or individuals who are working or have other commitments may find NIOS advantageous due to its flexibility in scheduling and self-paced learning options.
    • Students preparing for competitive exams or seeking additional time for exam preparation may find NIOS beneficial.
    • Adults who wish to continue their education or obtain certification later in life can pursue NIOS courses tailored to their needs.
    • NIOS allows students to choose specific subjects of interest or focus on areas where they require improvement


    NIOS allows students to complete the course through the Distance Learning mode. Times Education is one of the Accredited Institutions or Study Centres for NIOS students in the United Arab Emirates. We have trained faculty and the necessary supporting system to help out students in completing their Distance Learning courses.

    NIOS offers the following courses for students pursuing their secondary and upper secondary education through NIOS. NIOS students are also qualified to take several professional courses at universities in the United Arab Emirates and many major overseas universities. Times Education Dubai Center offers NIOS courses through distance learning or online learning by people with specific learning goals such as the SAT and NEET. The mission of NIOS is to provide education to provide opportunities for candidates who want to study further and qualify for a better future.



    We are a student-centric learning institution where we welcome students from every walk of life.


    We nurture an inclusive learning environment where all interests and goals receive the due respect.


    We promote the desire to learn in an exciting and stimulating way.


    We help develop skills that will help them succeed in their workplace.


    We provide outstanding teaching and an open curriculum.


    We help you continue your quality education.


    We offer admissions for NIOS 10th grade and NIOS allows you to choose your favorite subjects. Enroll in NIOS 10th Class in the UAE and you can complete the Secondary Schooling in the Distance Learning mode. We have our campuses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain, and Ajman. Call and speak to our consultants who can help you with information about the admission process, examination and assessment and so on. Take a step towards pursuing your dreams!


    NIOS Class 12th, or Senior Secondary Course, helps students to complete their pre-degree education in Distance Learning mode. The course can be taken up by anyone who is more than 15 years old. Participants can learn at their own pace and write their exams as per their choice. The course has been specifically designed to match the needs of working professionals and those who discontinued schooling and have a dream of going up the ladder in life through education. The program offers you the flexibility of studying anywhere and writing exams anytime you want to. To learn more about open schooling courses with NIOS contact our expert team.



    NIOS in Dubai

    NIOS in Dubai

    NIOS in Dubai Study for Class 10 and Class 12 in Distance Mode On-Demand Examination Facility Write Your Exams in Regional Languages.

    NIOS in Abu Dhabi

    NIOS in Abu Dhabi

    NIOS in Abu Dhabi, Complete 10th and 12th Grades at Your Convenience, Take Up Your Exams When You are Prepared & Get Support

    NIOS in Sharah

    NIOS in Sharjah

    NIOS in Sharjah Complete Your Class 10th and Class 12th in Open School and Choose When You Want to Take Up Your Exams.

    NIOS in Ajman

    NIOS in Ajman

    NIOS in Ajman Globally Recognized Open School Now. Complete Your School Education from Anywhere. Contact Now

    NIOS in All-Ain

    NIOS in Al-Ain

    NIOS in Al-Ain Complete Your Class 10 and Class 12 in Open School Pick Your Schedule to Give Your Exams.

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      National Institute of Open Schooling in UAE

      Who is eligible for NIOS?

      Secondary or Class 10
      1. Students must have passed Class 8 and the minimum age of the candidate must be 14 years.
      2. A learner giving a self-certificate stating “I have studied enough to be able to pursue secondary course” is also eligible for admission to the Secondary Course.
      Higher Secondary or Class 12
      1. The minimum age to take admission in the Senior Secondary Course is 15 years as of 31st January 2020 (born on or before 31/01/2004).
      2. The learner must have passed the Secondary course from a recognized Board.

      Who can take admission in NIOS?

      A learner who has passed class VIII and has valid proof of attaining 14 and 15 years of age can apply for registration to the Secondary Course and Senior Secondary course. The learner who gives a self-certificate stating that “I have studied and able to pursue the secondary course” is also eligible for admission to the Secondary Course.

      Is NIOS good for future?

      NIOS education system is meant or needed by only those students, who were not able to complete their studies in a regular or conventional educational system in India or abroad, due to some unavoidable circumstances.

      Why do people choose NIOS?

      NIOS Board helps students who preparing various competitive exams like IIT, JEE, AIEEE, PMT simultaneously with their academic courses. One of the main advantages of NIOS over CBSE is that it saves a year in your education which can be ruin in that board exam of your previous board which you fail earlier.

      Is NIOS like CBSE?

      The NIOS is a national board that administers examinations for Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations similar to the CBSE and the CISCE. It also offers vocational courses after the high school.

      Can NIOS take admission in regular school?

      You can get admission in any school in INDIA. NIOS is a certified board by MHRD and has equal value as CBSE or ICSE. Whichever school takes admission from CBSE is bound to give an equal chance to NIOS student. You have to clear the entrance test and clear the eligibility criteria for the school required percentage of marks.

      Is NIOS Recognised internationally?

      NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) is provided by the government of India under the Ministry of Human Resources. It is valid and can be used like any other secondary or senior secondary certification provided by any state or central government board.

      Is NIOS difficult to pass?

      NIOS have the flexibility to choose subjects, so student can option the subjects according to their choice. So it will be easy for them to pass.

      Do students have a language choice for 10th &12th in NIOS Board?

      How many subjects are compulsory in NIOS?

      How to find NIOS exam centres in Dubai?

      1. Go to the official NIOS website:
      2. This link should direct you to a page where you can locate NIOS study centers.
      3. Once on the page, you may need to select your region or location. If there is an option to choose Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, select it.
      4. After selecting the location, the website should provide you with a list of NIOS study centers in Dubai or nearby areas.
      5. Review the list of study centers, along with their addresses and contact details, to find one that is convenient for you.
      6. Make note of the study center details for future reference.
      7. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, consider reaching out to NIOS support through their official contact channels for guidance.
      8. If you are looking for NIOS study center in Dubai, please contact Times Education and get subscribe for NIOS course in Dubai

      How to find NIOS exam centres in Abu Dhabi?

      To find NIOS exam centers in Abu Dhabi, follow these steps:

      Step 1: Visit the Official NIOS Website

      1. Go to the official National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) website:

      Step 2: Navigate to the Examination Section

      1. On the NIOS homepage, look for the “Examinations/Results” tab in the main menu and click on it.
      2. In the dropdown menu, select “Examination Centres.”

      Step 3: Select the Relevant Examination

      1. You will be redirected to a page with options for various examinations (Secondary, Senior Secondary, Vocational, etc.).
      2. Select the examination level you are looking for (e.g., Secondary or Senior Secondary).

      Step 4: Choose the Region

      1. In the examination centers page, there should be a search option or a dropdown menu to select the region or state.
      2. Choose “Abu Dhabi” or “UAE” if it’s listed.

      Step 5: Search for Exam Centers in Abu Dhabi

      1. Enter relevant details such as your enrollment number, region, or any specific criteria asked.
      2. Click on the search button to get a list of available exam centers in Abu Dhabi.

      Step 6: Contact NIOS or Local Study Centers in Abu Dhabi

      If the website does not list specific centers in Abu Dhabi, or if you need further assistance:

      1. Contact NIOS directly:
        • Use the contact details provided on the NIOS website to get in touch with their support team for information about exam centers in Abu Dhabi.
      2. Contact local NIOS study centers:
        • Reach out to NIOS study centers in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. They often have information about exam centers in nearby locations.

      Alternative Method: Contacting Times Education Centre

      Since you are looking for information specific to Abu Dhabi, you can also contact educational institutions like Times Education Centre in Dubai for guidance. They may have updated information on NIOS exam centers in the UAE.

      Times Education Abu Dhabi Centre Contact Details:

      • Website:
      • Address: ADCP Tower – A – 2104 – Electra Street – behind City Seasons – Al Danah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
      • Phone Number: +971 55 2269 076

      They can provide insights or assist you with the process of finding the nearest exam centers.

      Additional Tips:

      • Check for Updates: Exam center details can change, so it’s important to check for the most recent information closer to your exam date.
      • Social Media and Forums: Joining NIOS student forums and social media groups can provide additional support and information from fellow students.

      By following these steps, you should be able to find the NIOS exam centers in Abu Dhabi.

      Is NIOS a distance education?

      NIOS follows learner centric approach of teaching through Open and Distance mode. It offers a wide range of subjects in comparison to any other formal school. The learners are free to choose subject combination as per their needs and goals.

      Is NIOS student eligible for college?

      NIOS Board is recognized by the government authorities. So, a student who has done schooling from the NIOS board is eligible to take admission to any college/university in India without any hassle bustle.

      Where are NIOS exams held in UAE?

      More than 2000 institutions in major towns and cities across the country are NIOS-accredited; these institutions are listed in the NIOS prospectus and at the NIOS Etc website. Students can register at these institutions and may receive special tuitions at these institutions or may study from the supplied textbooks in the privacy of their homes; thus, there is no requirement for compulsory attendance

      Can I write NIOS exam in Dubai?

      Yes, you can write NIOS exams in Dubai. The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) allows students from various locations, including Dubai, to appear for their examinations. NIOS conducts examinations for its various courses at designated examination centers across UAE, and Dubai likely has one or more such centers where you can appear for your NIOS exams.

      To confirm the availability of NIOS exam centers in Dubai and to register for exams, you can contact Times Education authorized representatives in Dubai. They will provide you with the necessary information regarding exam schedules, registration procedures, and the location of exam centers in Dubai.

      Is NIOS Admission Open for 2024?

      Nios admission Class 10th for secondary courses 2024 form last date. Students can check the details about Nios admission Class 10th for secondary courses 2024 eligibility, fees, classes, subjects list, Syllabus, books and study material.

      What is the last date of NIOS admission in UAE?

      NIOS Admission 2024 – National Institute of Open Schooling has opened the NIOS 10th, 12th admission 2024 window for exams. The last date for NIOS 10th and 12th admission as per the given dates, the NIOS 12th practical exams 2024 for March session will be conducted from March 11 to 27, 2024

      Is NIOS (National Institute of Open School) a valid Board in UAE?

      Yes it is valid and will be able to do Ministry of foreign affairs attestation.

      Difference between ICSE, CBSE, and NIOS Board?

      ICSE and CBSE are regular schooling modes and NIOS is open schooling. NIOS is flexible compared to the other two boards.

      Is NIOS good for the future?

      Yes it can be used like any other secondary or senior secondary certification.

      How can I get admission to National Open School?

      You can choose TIMES Education for the registration in Dubai, AduDhabhi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al-Ain and other places in UAE

      What is the pass mark in NIOS UAE?

      A minimum of 33% marks in NIOS 12th grade (separately in theory and Practicals in subjects having both and also in aggregate) in the public examination.

      What is the fees of NIOS in UAE (United Arab Emirates)?

      The fees for NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) courses in the UAE vary depending on the program selected. They range from 400 AED for a 360-hour course to 8500 AED for a 1-year Grade 10 course.


      Which is the best place to study NIOS in Abu Dhabi?

      If you’re looking for a place to study NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) in Abu Dhabi, Times Education is always is the right choice as we offer wide varieties if NIOS courses from 10th to post graduation:

      Times Education Abu Dhabi Centre Contact Details:

      • Website:
      • Address: ADCP Tower – A – 2104 – Electra Street – behind City Seasons – Al Danah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
      • Phone Number: +971 55 2269 076

      Times Education Centre in Abu Dhabi is a well-known NIOS study center that provides comprehensive support for NIOS students. We offer online support or guidance for students based in Abu Dhabi.

      5 /5
      Based on 16 ratings

      Reviewed by 16 customers

        • 4 weeks ago

        I am extremely pleased with my experience at Times Education Centre in Abu Dhabi for my NIOS courses. The staff and faculty are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, making the learning process smooth and efficient. Times Education Abu Dhabi Centre center offers a wide range of study materials and personalized guidance, which has greatly helped me in understanding and mastering my subjects.

        The teachers are always available to answer any questions and provide detailed explanations, ensuring that students grasp complex concepts thoroughly. The flexible learning options, including evening and weekend classes, have made it convenient for me to balance my studies with other commitments.

        Additionally, the facilities at Times Education Centre in Abu Dhabi are modern and well-equipped, providing a conducive environment for learning. The regular assessments and feedback have been instrumental in tracking my progress and staying motivated.

        I highly recommend Times Education Centre to anyone looking to pursue any NIOS courses in Abu Dhabi. Their dedication to student success and comprehensive support make them the best choice for NIOS education in the region.

        • 5 months ago

        Having experienced firsthand the exceptional quality of education at Times Education, I can confidently say it is truly an amazing NIOS Study Centre in Dubai. For individuals with special needs like myself, Times Education goes above and beyond to provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment. The dedication and expertise of the educators, particularly Bindhad, whom I had the pleasure of interacting with, exemplify the organization’s unwavering commitment to their students’ success. Their personalized approach to education ensures that individual needs are understood and accommodated, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment among students who want to pursue 10th and 12th.

        The ethos of Times Education is built on love, compassion, and a genuine desire to see students excel. From specialized learning plans tailored to unique learning styles to accessible resources and supportive guidance at every step, Times Education leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that every student reaches their fullest potential.

        If you’re seeking the best place to pursue NIOS studies in Dubai, look no further than Times Education. It’s not just an educational institution; it’s a supportive community where every student is valued and empowered to succeed. My experience at Times Education has been nothing short of exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a transformative learning experience.

        • 5 months ago

        I had a fantastic experience with Times Education. The teachers were extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I completed both my 10th and 12th classes here. It’s undoubtedly the best option in Dubai for NIOS exams. The teachers provide excellent guidance, and anyone can join the classes without hesitation. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend joining.

        • 5 months ago

        I highly recommend Times Education NIOS Center in Dubai for its supportive and understanding learning environment. With a wide variety of programs available, it’s easy to find one that suits individual needs. The flexibility provided by Times Education allowed me to complete my education on my own terms. For those seeking the best NIOS Center in Dubai, I wholeheartedly recommend Times Education

        • 1 year ago

        I enrolled at Times Education to pursue NIOS-10, and I found it to be an excellent coaching center with experienced faculty who provided me with great support and guidance to excel in my exams. The faculty offered helpful tips and strategies, and the class environment was very positive. Overall, I am extremely satisfied to have been a part of Times Education in Dubai

        • 2 years ago

        Times Education is a great place to learn, they have lots of different courses and they all have something that would interest you. I’m really happy with the education and everything else. Times Education is a great NIOS school in Dubai.
        I would recommend Times Education to everyone who is looking for a good, trustworthy, and reliable partner in education. The quality of teaching is excellent, the teachers are well qualified, and there are lots of on-site amenities.

        • 2 years ago

        I was struggling to find a suitable school for my daughter in Dubai for NIOS School, final I got to know about Times Education it has been so easy to learn NIOS subjects. The teachers are kind and the school is just perfect. If you are looking for NIOS in Dubai, Times Education is the perfect place.

        • 2 years ago

        It’s been only a few days of school, but I can already tell that Times Education UAE is going to be a great place for me to learn NIOS in Dubai. I’m new in town and this feels like the perfect place for me.

        • 2 years ago

        Completed my NIOS12th in Duabi through them, this is a fantastic educational establishment.

        • 2 years ago

        To do NIOS in Dubai You will never have a single complaint about this place in terms of education. All of the folks who teach in this facility are really professional and have all of the necessary information.

        • 2 years ago

        NIOS in Dubai, Times Education have got experienced well qualified resources to guide you through. Should appreciate their commitment to the students.

        • 2 years ago

        In UAE, NIOS12, Times Education helped me to complete my pre-degree education in distance mode. thank you.

        • 2 years ago

        NIOS in Ajman, I have joined here for NIOS-10, I had a great place for coaching over here. Has a very good experienced faculty, they helped me in all the easy possible ways to crack my exam. Guided me with excellent tips and strategies. The faculty and class environment was really good. Overall I was happy to be a part of Times Education.

        • 2 years ago

        My search for NIOS in Dubai led me to Times Education, the Institute is great! The most important things to me are regular and easy access to facilities and getting support from academic staff. The institute already offers exceptional, personal support from academic and non-academic staff.

      • Great Institution with latest curriculum, quality education and modern facilities. Students of Indian subcontinent and developing/under developed countries can easily pursue higher degrees from here with affordable tuition fees. The Professors here are very co-operative and so the staffs. You will get enough time and scopes for part time jobs also. So if you are planning about higher studies in abroad, you can surely choose Times Education, UAE

        • 2 years ago

        Times Education UAE provided me great coaching for NIOS in dubai, the entire staff and the curriculum was good, really appreciate their teaching. Thanks team

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